Name  Cowboy B Hancock  
 Model  2011
 Height  Still Growing
 Weight  Still Growing
 Stud Fee  To Be Determined
 Color  Red Roan
 Homozygous Roan
 Son of Vaccaro Joe Hancock
 For Sale

 Name  Wagon Creek Crow
 Model  1997
 Height  15 Hands
 Weight  1,250 lbs.
 Stud Fee  Private Treaty
 Color  Blue Roan
 Son of Wild Horse Breezy

 Name  Jaybird Hancock
 Model  1994
 Height  15.3 Hands
 Weight  1,400 lbs.
 Stud Fee  Private Treaty
 Color  True Blue Roan
 Homozygous Black
 Son of Revue Hancock
 Grandson of Hancock's Blue Boy

 Name  Vaccaro Joe Hancock
 Model  2004
 Height  15.2 Hands
 Weight  1,350 lbs.
 Stud Fee  2013 - $650
 Color  True Blue Roan
 4x Leo and Hancock

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